How do I use the ESClub?

Welcome! It’s great to have you here and we look forward to you taking your next steps towards discovering and developing your Easiest Swing.

Please update your ‘About Me’ section found in your profile (add a profile picture if you like), which helps the ESCommunity get to know you a little better.

Say ‘hello’ in the ‘My home Club’ group by starting a discussion and posting about your home club or favourite places to play.

The ‘Groups’ are areas within the ESClub that refer to a particular topic of interest. There are a number of groups ranging from:

  • ‘Brians Bar’ (a place to tell golf related stories).
  • ‘Coaching Zone’ (a place for feedback & questions related to the Coaching Courses).
  • ‘Book Club’ (sharing great reads that helped your golf)
  • ‘Play it – Live it – Share it’ (share your Easiest Swing progress/difficulties with the community and offer help and advice to others)

The groups help to organise conversations into related topics, keeping the content relevant and easier to find. Please try to post your comments and questions within the group that makes most sense. However please don’t worry if you are not sure. The most important thing is to share your thoughts and help build a library of ES content that the community can discover.

Discussions are conversations in ‘Forum‘ format within the ‘Groups‘. 

To find ‘Discussions‘, click the ‘Discussion‘ tab within the ‘Group‘ you are in. A list of all the discussions that have taken place will be displayed, showing the title, the author and the latest reply.

To find all the discussions select the ‘Forums‘ tab in the header or navigation panel (dropdown for mobile)

To search for a particular topic within discussions, head to the ‘Forums‘ tab and use the ‘🔍 Search Forums…‘ bar.

Inside each Group you will find a live feed displaying the latest content and updates that have happened. It’s excellent for keeping you up-to-date.

  • Discussions – These are topics of conversation in forum format within the group. An author will create a title summarising the particular topic and a conversation thread (forum) will proceed thereafter. Anyone can create, comment and reply to the discussion. These are archived in a search friendly format making the topic easier to find and retrievable for members. Think library.
  • Feed – You can post an update directly in the feed, however this content is not archived and will eventually get pushed to the bottom and become more difficult to find. Think WhatsApp or iMessage.

Forums are where the discussions in each ‘Group‘ are archived. 

On the main Forums page there is a ‘Search Bar‘ which will help filter all discussions (conversations) related to the particular search term you enter. 

To create a new discussion, please navigate to the relevant ‘Group‘ and select the ‘New Discussion‘ button.

To reply to an existing discussion, please select the ‘Reply‘ button. 

It is also possible to reply to a particular members response within the discussion by clicking the ‘arrow‘ icon on their post.

Subscribe – You will receive notifications when a new comment or reply is added to the discussion.

Favourite – The discussion will be added to your favourites list within your timeline.

Navigating to the ‘Coaching‘ tab on the header bar (dropdown for mobile) or navigation panel will take you to the ESCoaching Courses. Here you can find all the available coaching content that you can complete. New courses are added each month and each is designed to take you through the Easiest Swing approach to the subject. They are a combination of written content, graphics and videos, some include a short quiz. 

We recommend you begin with the ES foundations – La Danse du Golf, 3DD’s and SLX. Take your time with each course and please write a review, comments and questions in a discussion within ‘Coaching Zone‘ afterwards.

Once you have completed a ‘Coaching Course‘ you can easily revise any of the sections within the course by selecting the title of that section (these will have a line stroke through them indicating they are complete) and going through the content again.

There is no limit to the amount of revisions you make.

Each month a live workshop is hosted by one or more of the ESCoaches. A notice of the next upcoming workshop will be posted in ‘The Workshop‘ group (Zoom Workshop). These are live events at a time that tries to best accommodate our international EScommunity.

To attend live you must click the link provided in ‘The Workshop‘ at the time of the event and wait to be added in the waiting room.

Workshops are recorded and available to watch anytime after the event. 

The topics are diverse, however they are aimed to help you in your development towards your Easiest Swing.

There are multiple ‘Search’ functions on the ESClub and each offer different results. Recommended in order.

  • 🔍 Search icon in the header bar – This will search for ‘Coaching Courses‘ & ‘Blog Articles‘ that match your search term.
  • 🔍 Search Forums.. Bar – Found at the top of the forums page. This will search for ‘Discussions‘ within all the ‘Groups‘ that match your search term.
  • 🔍 Search Feed… – This will search through the entire ‘Group Feed‘ for updates that match your search term. This is not recommended as the feed won’t filter between an update, discussion or event and will display the results in full published format. This makes it difficult to quickly find good relevant information.

The Activity Feed is where all the latest updates for the entire platform are displayed. This includes, ‘Group Discussions‘, personal mentions (@MemberUsername) and notifications to events, such as the next ‘Live Workshop‘.

Your personal timeline will display a feed of updates that show posts and comments that you are included in or of people that you follow and/or are connected with.

Within your Timeline are a series of tabs – Profile, Coaching Courses, Groups, Forums, Connections, Videos, Photos, Membership. All display the corresponding content associated with your profile.

The dashboard is an excellent place to stay up to date with your most recent ‘Coaching Course‘ progress. Recent discussions you are included in and the latest from the community in the Forums, Activity Feeds, Groups and the Members most recently active on the ESClub.

Please post your review, comments and questions within the ‘Coaching Zone‘ either by replying to an existing discussion or starting one of your own.

Remember that posting in the ‘Feed‘ (Share something with the group..) will post as an update and will eventually be superseded with newer activity. It is best to start a new ‘Discussion‘ or reply to an existing one.

‘Play it – Live it – Share it’ 

This is the Group to post anything related to your own Easiest Swing development, progress or struggles. Create a discussion and post what it is you are working on or would like help with.

Please also offer your own thoughts, help and advice to any other ESmembers that have posted and are looking for help.

Simply select the ‘attach video’ icon on the post section and choose the video you wish to upload from your video library on your device. Videos must be no larger than 50mb in size, so you may decide to upload multiple smaller videos. 

Alternatively if you have a YouTube or Vimeo account you can upload your videos to these platforms and post a shareable link within the discussion itself on the ESClub. This will embed the video within the post and allows you longer form videos.

The Navigation Panel found on the left of your screen (dropdown for mobile) is a useful way to quickly move around the most popular places within the ESClub. 

  • Personal – Takes you to your own Timeline or Dashboard where you can catch up with the latest going on in the ESClub or pick up where you left off with a ‘Coaching Course’ or ‘Discussion’.
  • Development – All things Easiest Swing progression and development related. Find the Coaching Courses, Workshops and Coaching Zone group here.
  • Community – All things that help to create the ESClub community.