Ball Position & Posture

Understanding the different ways in which you can position the ball in relation to the club you are using will help you find a comfortable and more relaxed way to play your next shot. Philip explains in detail the two commonly used options and the benefits and drawbacks to each. From experimenting yourself, you will discover which is best suited to your swing. Posture is an important element to finding your natural Easiest Swing and benefiting from good free movement and added relaxation. Resulting in a tension free, natural golf swing. Discover the different postures and the journey Brian took to discovering the most natural and suitable posture for a great golf swing.Séan includes a great piece for the Senior Golfers who struggle with achieving free movement and a full turn due to an ageing body or medical limitations. Learn how you can increase turn and weight-shift with a few simple changes you can try for yourself.
Philip Sparks · January 6, 2023

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